“Evolution of mankind is paralleled by the increase and expansion of consciousness.”
– Albert Hofmann

Psilocin Pharma Corp., a subsidiary of Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (CSE: RVV), has developed production solutions for the active compound Psilocybin.  Our process encompassed with our intellectual property cover methods of production of Psilocybin based formulations.  We have developed 6 formulations to date.  Visit our pipeline for more information.  Psilocin Pharma Corp’s range of products have been engineered to work synergistically with the body’s own natural pathways of absorption while offering a contemporary approach to consumption.

About The Founder

Derrick Welsh brings 14 years of Health Care experience, with the past 5 years in the Cannabis industry. Derrick has worked with several high profile publicly traded Cannabis companies like Xanthic Bio Pharma and Green Growth Brands. During this time, he developed several patent pending formulations. The formulations he developed are for water Soluble THC and CBD products such as beverages, water enhancers and effervescent tablets.  He has developed quality systems, standard operating procedures and method validation for production of these products. Leveraging his previous experience with cannabinoids Derrick found opportunity in the upcoming psychedelics marketspace. Derrick has since developed a catalog of formulations, extraction and purification technology for the compound Psilocybin.  The 6 products that Psilocin Pharma Corp created come with different dosages and can titrated to suit clinical trials or public consumption in markets where Psilocybin is legal. With the FDA Granting “Break Through Status” for Psilocybin in treatment of depression & anxiety, Derrick believes this as an opportunity to provide adjunct alternatives to patients to whom have had minimal success with traditional medication.